The customer should be able to view the order status from the order history after logging in.

If your order status is still not confirmed after one working day, please contact us immediately. Otherwise, your order will not be processed accordingly!

Make sure that you find your item available from Road RC Hobby. If you search the item from other search engine, their cache memory may mislead you about the stock quantity. Therefore, it would be more appropriate if you search items from Road RC Hobby directly.

Under special circumstances, the products may not be shipped to the customer. For example, during the shipment, we find that the product is damaged, the packaging box is damaged, etc., and we will not ship it to the customer.

Shipping out all of your orders placed at Road RC Hobby on appointed schedule is always our highest priority. However, please make sure that you have all valid information in your order or your personal profile, in order to help us achieve the goal. Please confirm the following information:

Valid email address

Valid phone number

Correct and detailed address

Otherwise, your order may be deferred.

Please find our address from our Contact Us Page!

Welcome to visit our retail shop

Shop # 4, Plot # 6C Sunset Lane 3, D.H.A Phase II Extension Phase 2 Commercial Area Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75500

You may send us your payment Teletransfer / Wire to our bank account. Please visit our payment page for bank detail, link available at the bottom of the web page. Please remember to attach the order ID, payment detail and payment time to secure a fast and reliable delivery. Order ID can be found from the order history after logged in.

You can see the order status after log-in you account. You may keep track on your order status at any of your convenience.

Our retail shop is not big enough for the huge variety and quantity of goods that can be store, but only a small part of our inventory. The circulation of goods in retail stores is relatively fast. Even if the goods are available at this moment, they may be sold before you reach the shop. That’s why we cannot provide real-time inventory information in retail stores.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase what you want at our online store first, then pick up the goods at our pick up location. Our online store provides the availability of all the items, you can stay home and get what you want.

No! All the products in shop are sold in first come first serve basis.

Our web store has the stock detail, you may place the order on-line to reserve your items.